We invite you to consider a gift to the Y's Endowment Fund

An endowment gift is a donation that is given with the intent to preserve the original value of the gift in perpetuity. The funds are prudently invested and managed by the Y. The accumulated appreciation and income on the investment is used to fund an annual distribution that supports the greatest needs within the YMCA.

The YMCA of Greater Long Beach’s General Endowment Fund was established by the Board of Directors to provide continuity and stability for the organization’s long mission impact and financial health. The Board of Directors evaluates the fund’s performance annually, drawing only from endowment earnings while leaving the principle intact.

We invite you to consider a gift to the Y’s General Endowment Fund or establish a personal Named Endowment Fund. There are a variety of ways to make an endowment gift through outright or planned giving mechanisms. All donors making a gift to the Y’s Endowment Fund or establishing a Personal Named Fund are recognized through membership in the YMCA of Greater Long Beach’s Heritage Club.