Weekly in-person meetings will take place at your local YMCA to help prepare for conferences including bill development, mentorships with local community leaders, and an opportunity to meet new friends.



"Democracy must be learned by each generation."



76th Model Legislature & Court Program

September 2023 - February 2024

YMCA Youth and Government is a six-month program that offers the following: 

  • Leadership Development 
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Research and Writing Development 
  • Constructive Debate 
  • Values of Democracy 
  • Community Volunteering opportunities
  • Networking 
  • College Application recommendation 
  • Travel to Camp Roberts, San Miguel, CA and Sacramento, CA 

Weekly Meetings: Delegates meet once a week to discuss issues facing California, as well as ways to implement their solutions through the legislative and judicial processes. Delegates will write and debate bills, prepare briefs, practice public speaking, and make new friends.