New American Welcome Center

New American Welcome Center (NAWC) is a program that provides newcomer immigrants with services and social supports to enable and empower them to become more integrated and civically engaged in the greater society. We provide inclusive, safe, belonging, and equitable space and opportunity for youth to build a cohesive and positive community dynamic, dialogue, trust, unity, empathy, and compassion between immigrant and U.S.-born youth of all backgrounds.

Services offered are information and case management support with immigration and citizenship services, training on civic engagement, accessing resources, and support services. They share their own or family immigration stories. They create empathy among youth through realizing their human commonalities, breaking down stereotypes, and fostering positive perceptions through personal stories and immigration facts that brought the communities to where they are today, recognizing that we are all immigrants. Community bridge-building and unity activities support their bond in their newfound community. They demonstrate their skills and leadership to work with U.S.-born community members from all dimensions of diversity to address shared critical issues and advance social equity cohesion and transformational just-peace.