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YMCA Adventure Guides is a parent-child program designed to help foster a lifetime of understanding and companionship and to strengthen the relationship between children and parents.

As Adventure Guides, parents and kids explore adventures of fun, learning and mutual understanding.  The immediate gain is evident, spending time together, but the long-term gains are even more significant. Not only will you build a solid foundation for a friendship that will last a lifetime, but you'll also be helping to build and develop a set of skills and patterns that your children will carry with them into adolescence and adulthood.

What being an Adventure Guide Does for YOU

As a member of the YMCA Adventure Guides, you will have the opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with your child with whom you'll participate in activities like games, camping trips, ceremonies and family adventures. You and your child will take a journey of discovery and learning. Throughout this journey the Adventure Guides compass points-family, nature, community, fun and the YMCA character development values-will provide a sense of direction and inspiration for activities. As a member, you will be able to participate in larger scale activities such as weekend camp outs, one day excursions, and parties. Conducting group exercises that fosters leadership, problem-solving, group work skills and a sense of commitment to larger community-all of which reinforce the YMCA's pledge to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Who Participates

At the Lakewood YMCA, Adventure Guides is for parents and their children, ages 5 through 12. An adult and child attend all the program activities together. If you would like to join Adventure Guides or have any questions, please contact Karina Weiss or call 562.425.7431