The Y has long recognized the rights and needs of young people to belong to a group where they can nurture friendships, new and old, and develop a strong sense of camaraderie with peers as they develop their own sense of self. Our caring and highly trained staff are excited to provide a fun, healthy and safe environment for our campers this summer!

Step 1:

Register in person at the Fairfield Family YMCA Main Office for Summer Day Camp.

Step 2: 

You will receive a Campdocs email to complete your child's school break registration. Please contact us within 24 hours if you do not receive an email from us (Campdocs)

Step 3: 

Once you've completed your registration steps, a Camp Director will be in contact with you to confirm your registration and additional information.


Specialty Day Camp add on:


Click here to register for a fun day at Disney! 



(Available for all camp sites) 

*Off-site campers will be transported in a YMCA van to and from Swimming Lessons by a YMCA Youth Driver.

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(Available for all camp sites) 

*Off-site campers will be transported in a YMCA van to and from Karate lessons by a YMCA Youth Driver.

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(Available for all camp sites) 

*Off-site campers will be transported in a YMCA van to and from Hi-Hop lessons by a YMCA Youth Driver.

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Financial assistance:

Financial Assistance Application


LBUSD students qualify for $150 off per week! 

Increased Assistance Information


Check if you qualify for CHS or Crystal Stairs!

CHS and Crystal Stairs Info  

3rd Party Agency Family Letter


Camp resources:

Y Camp 101    Swim Day!  Welcome to Y Camp! Parent Handbook

Family Resources  Camper Expectations Camp Readers Program Campdoc letter  


Summer Day Camp contact information:

Carmelitos Camp Site

Fairfield Family YMCA Camp Site  

Long Beach School District Camp Site


Financial aid is available on a limited basis through the YMCA of Greater Long Beach Annual Campaign Fund. Funds for financial assistance program are raised through our Annual Campaign. All applications take at least two weeks to process. When completing the application process attach proof of all income. Two consecutive recent paycheck stubs or a copy of your 2023 W2 statement is considered proof of income. For additional information on the financial aid process, contact Angelica Cortez at 562.423.0491. 

Campers must be at least 4 years and 9 months old before the start of the camp week. In addition, campers must be potty trained to attend Day Camp.

All the necessary information can be accessed on our Day Camp website and the sign in and out bulletin board. 

Yes, if the aide/therapist is there for only one day, they can sign your child in and out. However, they must be on the authorized pick-up list. If they plan to stay for the entire week(s), they must submit a volunteer application as soon as possible before camp starts. A volunteer application can be found on our Day Camp website and must be submitted to the corresponding Day Camp Director.

• Fighting, both verbal and physical will not be tolerated. 

• Campers are to stay with their assigned groups at all times, unless the counselor gives specific permission to leave the group temporarily using the buddy system. 

• Campers are to show respect for other campers, staff and their surroundings. 

• Campers are to act in a caring manner at all times. 

• Campers are held responsible for their actions. 

• Campers are asked to communicate honestly with each other and with their counselors.

Your child will be participating in several indoor and outdoor activities each camping day. It is very important that your child be appropriately dressed for summer weather and outdoor activities. Please mark all clothing and belongings with your child’s name. Provided below is a list of appropriate clothing and camper needs. A lost and found bin will be placed at the sign in and out table at the beginning and end of each camping day. Please ask your child if they have all of their belongings each day. If your child is missing an item, please check the bin. The YMCA cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. 

• Sneakers & Socks –Sandals and other open toed shoes are not permitted at camp. 

• Shorts & T-Shirts – Children should be dressed in “camp clothes”. Please do not allow your child to wear expensive or “dressy” clothes to camp. In addition, clothing should be age appropriate and non-offensive in nature. Children dressed inappropriately for camp will be asked to leave for the day. Children will be engaged in sports, games and arts & crafts, all known to be potentially messy. 

• Bathing Suits –Although children may not swim every day, they may be engaged in water activities every day ranging from water balloon to a slip & slide. Campers may only wear one-piece bathing suits. Please check weekly calendar for water activity dates. Open Swim will take place each Friday of the week. 

• Hat & Sunglasses – It is very important that your child has additional protection from the sun. We recommend that your child wear both to camp. Your child will be spending a significant amount of time outdoors.


Additional Camper Needs 

Please clearly label your child’s name on the following camper needs with a permanent black marker: 

• Water Bottle 

• Waterproof Sun Block of 25 SPF or higher 

• Towels 

• Backpack 

• Snacks

Campers will be divided into camper groups based on age. Campers will be assigned a team and will interact in daily scheduled activities with their team. At certain times, campers will participate in camp wide events and activities. We will be adhering to the required American Camp Association ratios. 

The following are the camper groups and camper to counselor ratios: 

Children Ages 4.9 months-5/ 1:6 counselor to camper ratio 

Children Ages 6-8/ 1:8 counselor to camper ratio Children 

Ages 9-14/ 1:10 counselor to camper ratio