Bixby Village


Be a part of the Mark Bixby legacy!

Phase 2 of the Mark Bixby Village at YMCA Camp Oakes is currently underway.  Original camp buildings will be renovated to match our new cabins, creating new dorms, fellowship halls, and a welcome center.  This will complete the Mark Bixby Village for generations of families to enjoy.

Camp Oakes is raising the final funds needed to finish Phase 2 and complete the Mark Bixby Village.  When construction is complete, we will construct a new walkway and fellowship patio known as Bixby Way to tie the entire village together.  Paving stones bearing the names of our donors and supporters who helped fulfill the vision will line the route.

We hope you will join us as we complete the Mark Bixby Village and proudly add your name to the list of those who helped fulfill the vision.

Bixby Way