Mark Emanuelli

Hi everyone, its Mark.

It's February - so I'm on the Campaign Trail for my local YMCA... Every YMCA provides for their community based on the needs of the community, and NO ONE is EVER turned away - if they have a financial need, the YMCA finds a way for them to participate.

They taught me to swim, to build a kayak, to hang out with my dad. My YMCA takes care if my kids and over 800 children of our community for HOURS every day in the after school enrichment programs. They facilitate over 650,000 hours of employee performance that they have facilitated.

They take care of my kids during summer, or on weird off-days from school. My kids have learned to swim, play basketball, and perform gymnastics from the YMCA. And sometimes it is as simple as going with me to the gym so I can exercise and stay healthy, and not worry about them while I am doing it.

Thank you for listening to my story. Please, I want you to join ME in changing another kid's future.

Come on - make a difference in another family's future: $75 - sends a kid or parent to swim lessons $190 - sends a kid to a week of day camp (daily camp during summer break) $350 - will provide a MONTH of daycare $445 - sends a kid to Camp Oakes for a week long experience (Big Bear) $3500 - an entire YEAR of After school care. Perhaps helping a single parent stay employed...

$5 helps, $10 helps - $5 a month will be $60 by the end of the year.

Your donation, EVERY penny, goes to funds for Financial Assistance.

If you read this far - thanks so much, just for listening to me.

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