How exciting the last year has been seeing more and more kids having life changing Y experiences every day when they make a new friend in day camp or childcare, build self-confidence when they learn how to swim, get healthy in our PE classes, build their leadership skills in Youth & Government, and so much more. We have been very busy this year developing and adding new programs at our Y to address growing community needs.

Below are a few highlights from the year:

  • Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for kids in the United States, and many low-income families see swimming lessons as a luxury and not a necessity. To eliminate any barriers, we bussed in every 2nd grader to our Y from a local low income elementary school for swim lessons.
  • Despite climbing child obesity rates and chronic disease, there are no PE teachers employed in Long Beach elementary schools. Our Y is now running PE at an elementary school (900 kids) with plans to expand this service to other schools in need.
  • At our Y, kids with special needs have equal opportunities to participate in our programs. Our childcare, camp and swim lesson programs are fully inclusive.
  • Our Y Teen Leaders internship program continues to expand, in addition to starting our own Youth & Government delegation this year as we further develop tomorrow’s leaders.

With growing service also comes a growing need for financial assistance so we can continue to welcome ALL with open arms. The most inspiring thing for me about working for the Y is that the Y promises to never turn anyone away due to an inability to pay. This year, we need to teach more kids how to swim, get more families healthy together, and create more long-lasting memories in the lives of kids through life changing programs! The reason the Y is able to serve our communities in a meaningful way and accept everyone regardless of financial limitations is because of our Annual Support Campaign and people like YOU who contribute to this cause. I want to thank you in advance for your support.

Brandi Collato,
Executive Director, Los Altos Family YMCA

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