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New American Welcome Center

Targets newcomer immigrants with services and social supports to enable them to become more integrated and engaged in the greater society. 


Cambodian Community

Youth Institute

Promoting positive youth development and developing pathways to post secondary education and career readiness.

Youth Institute

Change Agent Productions

 A social enterprise that offers Digital Media Arts services and provides workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities to Youth Institute Alumni.




YMCA Family Involvement Project

Involves parents and families in meaningful classes and activities that focus both job skills, communication and leadership skills, advocacy for children and communities, couples counseling, child and teen development, and fun activities that families can enjoy together.

Family Involvement_JROB

Mental Health Awareness & Training

Provide outreach and educate on mental health issues and provide prevention services to adults and staff locally and nationally. 

Mental Health

COVID Relief Services

Here to support our community and families in this time of need in the following areas: social services, broadband, crisis intervention and assessment.


Food Distribition

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