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FREE Walking Action Workshop

September 13, 2012
2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

St. Mary’s Medical Center  

Room B of the Parr Health Enhancement Center

The Walking Action Workshop is a 4-hour program that brings  local leaders, community members and national walking experts together to create walking paths throughout the city of Long Beach.

Registration is required.

Sign up online below.

Come Join the Discussion.

Refreshments will be provided!

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We specifically aim to:

•  Share innovative and effective tools, and identify techniques and strategies, to help the partners, advocates, and others in the Long Beach community implement projects and campaigns that further walkability and create a walking agenda;

•  Explore specific walking strategies that our community can more immediately embrace to take responsibility for overall improved public health, wellness, transportation, economic development and livability of the city;

• Strengthen the collaboration among organizations and government by engaging partners with a diverse group of community advocates and professionals;

• Utilize national as well as local experts to support small group work and provide input on the pilot training format; and,

         • Gather information to provide the community                 with a report in the future that recommends next steps to increase walking projects and policies

Below is our online program registration tool that will allow you to sign up for this workshop!

Contact Melissa Wheeler for more information at 562.279.1664 or melissa.wheeler@lbymca.org.

Our vision for the walking program is to promote livable neighborhoods for residents and visitors through exploration on foot. In addition to direct health and environmental benefits, establishing and encouraging dedicated walking paths increase community contacts and interactions, create vibrant business corridors and make streets and parks safer due to increased activity. As walkers grow more accustomed to observing the built environment and natural areas of the community, they are more likely to be proactive and concerned about locations that are unsafe, unattractive or inefficient for pedestrian access.

Yet another benefit of pedestrian awareness is the opportunity to appreciate the unique aspects of the local community. Organized walks can provide education and information on a myriad of topics, including the history of neighborhoods, architecture, gardens or elements of nature that may not be readily apparent to observers. Knowledge of the individuality of the local area promotes civic pride and fosters community participation in the physical surroundings, area assets and buisneses.

California WALKS: On Friday, September 7, 4-7, California WALKS will be conducting a youth-led training session on Video Voice Mapping and a Community Pedestrian Safety Training on Saturday, September 8, 10-2. Both these events will be held in Ventura County, and are free and open to all. For event details visit: http://californiawalks.org/



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